Educational Filmmaking Workshops

StudioLAX deliver fun, engaging and educational film making and video production workshops all over the UK with strong learning and interpersonal outcomes.

We have facilitated courses in varying settings and lengths from half day classroom to week long residential courses which have resulted in a variety of projects including documentary films and short narrative films.

We have a huge amount of experience devising and facilitating filmmaking workshops for young people, below are a couple of examples of the projects we’ve been involved in.

Ardingly Artsfest 2016

Short sci-fi film produced by pupils from Ardingly College in Sussex.

Ardingly Artsfest 2015

Documentary produced by pupils from Ardingly College.

DePaul Film Making Workshop 2014

Behind the scenes of Zombay.

Satsuma (2016)

Mentored as part of the 2016 ACT2CAM Big Film Festival.

Zombay (2014)

Short film made by North East homeless and vulnerable young people.

The Vault (2012)

Mentored at the 2012 ACT2CAM young persons filmmaking camp in York.