Film Production

Our debut feature film Sublimate is a unique blend of sci-fi, comedy, horror and semi autobiographical documentary, blurring the lines between reality and fiction. It is an official selection for Sci-Fi-London 2017 and was invited to screen at SCIFI Film Festival Australia 2017.

Believing he’s found the frequency that will free human consciousness, a disturbed techno producer builds a machine that horrifically kills people with sound.
Sublimate is based on an original idea by Roger Armstrong. Co-written and co-directed with John Hickman the film is a raw, disturbing and unflinching satire of today’s society where people will do anything for success.
On The Rocks
Shooting started in August 2015 and continued sporadically over the next couple of months with a two week location shoot in Newcastle city centre in January 2016. Editing and post production took place over the next few months and the film was completed in December 2016.
Sublimate started as a zero budget, lo-fi, experimental entry to the 2015 Sci-Fi-London 48 Hour Film Challenge. It was shot on Video 8 because we felt like it.