Remnants Of A Disaster

Remnants Of A Disaster is our first feature project, it was completed in August 2014.  The film was shot sporadically in Castleford, Leeds, Harrogate and Whitley Bay between June 2013 and July 2014.  Post production (editing, VFX, sound design, music score) was carried out entirely by Roger Armstrong, who also wrote, shot, produced, directed, appeared in and catered the film.

Synopsis: A combat simulation becomes a surreal battle for survival and sanity when an experimental drug therapy goes wrong for two traumatised assassins.

Tagline: For most people losing their mind is the end of the world, for others it’s an opportunity.


We were supposed to be shooting in the next couple of weeks, but that’s not going to happen, in fact it may well be next year by the time we get around to it.  This particular hiccup is actually the result of getting a producer on board who stated unequivocally that improving the script would massively increase Remnants chances of success.  I can’t name the producer yet as there are still some details to be ironed out regarding time commitments and payment, however even in their mentoring capacity so far, pointing out what is wrong with the script and discussing casting and  technical aspects has already made a massive difference. 

Such delays are an inevitable part of no budget features (and shorts) and whilst you struggle to maintain a momentum and perceive any delay as a threat to the project the truth is actually the opposite of that.  The delay has already seen a massive improvement in the structure of the script and character motivations and from a technical and business point of view the project as a whole is in much better shape.



I’m not saying I know how to run a successful crowd funding campaign but I know how to run an unsuccessful one and the following is the lessons I learned from my pitiful, ham fisted attempt at running an Indiegogo campaign.

I annoyed several friends and possibly damaged potential business relationships by appearing to be greedy when in reality I was just excited about making a film and my head disappeared up my arse.  Consequently I’m getting the feeling that one of the donations was severance pay off, here’s some money now please fuck off and never contact me again, thanks.

Laura Eyes

In terms of converting followers into donations, you need a lot of the former to get a few of the latter.  Look at A D Lane ( he gets maybe fifty or a hundred contributions a week from over one hundred thousand followers, that should tell you something about the ratio of people prepared to take action compared to people your pleas/demands/threats for money actually reaches.  AD Lane is both a good and bad example of how to crowd fund, he’s relentless and tireless, which you need to be, however he is also one dimensional, not offering much content so there's no reason to visit his site unless it's to give him money.


Here’s the first in a series of updates about our micro budget feature Remnants Of A Disaster.

The first big thing is I guess is the unmitigated disaster that was our first (but definitely not last) attempt at crowd funding via Indiegogo. It’s not all bad news, although we didn’t get anywhere near our total I have learned a huge amount about running such a campaign in the future. Despite the relative failure we will be good to shoot as we’ve secured a bit of money for the shoot from a couple of other sources and hopefully a bit more will be coming in. However we still need money for post production so I think the best way forwards is to run funding campaign via this website and use PayPal to collect the funds.

In other news:

We had originally intended to shoot at the end of July in a rented holiday property, but my excitement got the better of me and obviously I picked the most expensive and busiest time of the year to do it. Consequently we’ll most likely be pushing that part of the filming back until autumn. In the meantime we’ll be attempting to pick off other bits and pieces and hopefully will still be able to reach the target completion date of the end of the year.  This will begin on June the 9th when we’ll be shooting a short teaser scene to give people a flavour of the film and using the money raised here to do that.

Stay tuned for more updates and content.


Here's the original short Remnants [Of A Disaster] from 2011.