Remnants Of A Disaster is our first feature project, it was completed in August 2014. The film was shot sporadically in Castleford, Leeds, Harrogate and Whitley Bay between June 2013 and July 2014. Post production (editing, VFX, sound design, music score) was carried out entirely by Roger Armstrong, who also wrote, shot, produced, directed, appeared in and catered the film.

Remnants Of A Disaster free to watch on YouTube.

Logline: A combat simulation becomes a surreal battle for survival and sanity when an experimental drug therapy goes wrong for two traumatised assassins.

Synopsis: A suicidal assassin battles her insane drug addicted partner, a psychopathic scientist and his deranged masked slaves for sanity, salvation and redemption. What they don’t realise is that they are trapped in a hallucinogenic consciousness experiment run by a private security corporation. 28 Days Later meets A Field In England, a micro-budget, psychedelic, sci-fi film shot in disused industrial buildings in West Yorkshire and North East England featuring a stunning electronic/synth soundtrack from several notable UK musicians. Part sci-fi, part social commentary it is a visually stunning, surreal and thought provoking film.

Tagline: For most people losing their mind is the end of the world, for others it’s an opportunity.

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